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Recyclable and Eco-Friendly PE-Coating Artificial Turf With Weaving Technique To Offer The Structure Of Natural Grass!

About Us

Kolon Glotech, Inc. has become the world first company to invent recyclable and eco-friendly PE-coating artificial turf. The company is a notable name of the market of artificial turf, which the finest artificial turf is having excellent quality guaranteed. We have a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Artificial Turf, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Turf Grass, Artificial Grass, Synthetic Lawn, Carpet, Option Car Mat, etc. With advanced technology as well as direct production in KOLON factory, we have been offering matchless solutions that is fully proven by KS certificate, utility patent, KISS Certificate, etc. The array is selected as a firm offering the world-class products by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in appreciation of excellent quality.

We have been offering eco-friendly products with polyethylene back coatings designed from the same materials. Our company has invented the world first technology for the back coating using polyethylene. In addition to this, we also ensure to carry out the artificial turf recycling system for the recycling of resources. We have introduced a modern recycling system to recycle the disused artificial turf. We offer a new model in the artificial-turf business by flawlessly implementing the design of recycling resources in the alternate process of artificial turf.

Journey To The Success 

1968 to 1980

  • Company incepted
  • Designed artificial turf products
  • Success in technology development informed to the president
  • Acquired FIH-accredited certificate (first time in Asia)


  • Developed Korea one-and-only novel artificial turf technology for sports
  • Registered 15 patents
    Attained ISO 9000 Certification and ISO 14000 Certification


  • Passed FIFA testing for the football field and turf products
  • Chosen as 2004 2006 official merchant of artificial turf by the Korean Football Association
  • Developed composite artificial turf for football fields
  • Attained KISS Certificate from the Korea Institute of Sports Science
  • Attained Korea first KS Certificate and Korea first Environment Mark and green technology certificate
  • Designed eco-friendly e-coating technology (recycling artificial turf)
  • Attained NET New Technology Certificate